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Netiquette- video

Netiquette Review Points:

Define Netiquette, Make your email or text message clear, don't use uncommon acronyms. Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS--it's equal to shouting or screaming. Attachment should be compatible with receipients computer. Attachment shouldn't be to large. Share photos online instead of sending them as attachments. On group emails, addresses should be put in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) box to protect their privacy. Don't forward rmail to a third party without their permission. Subject line should be brief but descriptive. Don't tag or post pictures of other people. Don't discuss anyones private business. IM (Instant Messaging) conversations should be short messages. Do Not begin on unless you have time to be attentive nad finish it. On boards or blogs, lurk or read what has already been posted before you join in the conversation so that you know what is and has been discussed. Read FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) before posting a query (question). Avoid flaming or excessive, needless argueing. Don't be a troll; someone who purposely tries to insight others. Treat others, on and offline, the way you want to be treated.


Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Review Points:

Define Dossier


Laptop Care:

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